The Diamond Power Systems APU

With a Diamond Power Systems APU, you can turn off your engine, turn on the comfort, and turn down your operating cost. Externally mounted on the side-rail, the Diamond Power AP is protected in its own weatherproof compartment and runs off the truck's fuel supply. The diesel-powered APU safes fuel, runs quieter than the truck engine, reduces emissions, and provides reliable, all-night comfort for the driver.
The Diamond APU saves fuel, and keeps you up to date with the law, because you don't need to idle your engine to run it. it uses diesel fuel, right out of your trucks fuel tank, The APU mounts to the side-rail of your rig and is protected by a weather-proof enclosure. Day or night, in hot or cold routes, the Diamond Power APU keeps you comfortable, while keeping operating cost low. With its economical installation cost, 2 year nationwide warranty service & parts plan, Diamond Power has thought of everything, They've built their APU around a driver's life on the road, and they've given them the most important feature of all... peace of mind.

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What is it?

The Diamond Power APU is a fully contained auxiliary power unit in an easy-to-access and service, shock-resistant, weatherproof compartment that mounts directly to the frame rail.

What can it do?

  • Runs sleeper air conditioning
  • Runs sleeper heating
  • Runs cabin household accessories
  • Recharges your truck's batteries
  • Warms the engine
  • Monitors the batteries' charge

Drivers Control Panel

Diamond Power's advanced "Co-Pilot Design" control panel gives the driver east access to control all the features including start/stop, and heat and air conditioning from inside the cab or sleeper.